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sleep associations to help with anxiety

sleep associations to help with anxiety

Whenever I have a terrible night sleep, I always notice the day after I feel more anxious, stressed and just generally have a worse day. 

I never realised how important it was to have sleep associations in place until I started doing it and then noticed a huge difference in the quality of my sleep, which as a result helped my anxiety and stress levels the following day:) 

Putting sleep associations in place makes your brain understand it’s time for you to go to sleep. If you have no sleep associations it may cause you to struggle falling asleep, wake up in the night and to feel tired in the day. 

Below are my top tips for sleep association:

  • Try to fall asleep and wake up the same time everyday

  • Try not to nap throughout the day

  • Do not sit or lounge in your bed at night, getting your brain to associate your bed with sleep only means only getting in your bed at night

  • Allow 30 - 60 mins to wind down, for me I switch on my salt lamp, have a hot drink and read a book, watching an episode of something loud and stimulating before bed is never a good idea

  • Try to not go on any electronic gadgets at least 30 minutes before bed

  • Practice calming activities before bed

  • Practice Yoga

  • Meditate (see my previous blog post here)

  • Read a fiction book

  • Write in your journal 


I hope these all help! I'm open to hearing your feedback on what works best for you. Send me an email at

Rebecca x

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