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benefits and your how-to guide to meditation

benefits and your how-to guide to meditation

I think when you have anxiety it's so easy to feel detached from your body as your thoughts feel like a separate part of you. Meditation can help us become more present and more connected to ourselves.

If your anxiety is triggered by stress and reoccurring negative thoughts then meditation can help to reduce brain chatter and improve your focus.


my tips for meditation

First of all find a quiet place where you feel comfortable, you could sit outside, on the floor or even in your bed if you feel most comfortable there.

Set aside 15-30 minutes, I recommend starting off with shorter periods.

I normally search for relaxing music on youtube or white noise, theres plenty of choose so choose which is most relaxing to you.

steps to meditating

Follow the simple steps below...

1. Breathing

Inhale and count to 4, then exhale and count to 4 then repeat these steps, just focus on your breathing and nothing else, try just thinking about the 4 seconds of breathing in and out, no more thoughts should be entering your head. 

2. Visualisation

Visualise what makes you feel relaxed. This may be a forest, a field of grass or perhaps a beach.

It sounds very simple but the key is to not allow any thoughts to enter your head during the period which can be tricky at first so its better to start fir shorter periods to begin and get slightly longer each time.  

3. Meditating with crystals

Wear your crystal or hold it in your right hand. While following steps 1 and 2 above, think about what you want to achieve – for example this may be to release some negative thoughts you're thinking.


Apps you may find helpful 

  • serenity (a free app)
  • headspace


Drop a comment below or reach out to me at with any thoughts on this blog:)

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